Tobias Saul

Tobias Saul, born in 1990, is a lettering artist and graphic designer from Düsseldorf, Germany. From an early age, he dealt with graffiti and illustration, which made it easy for him to develop a feeling for letters and layouts.

During his study of communication design, he got inspired by other hand lettering artists and quickly developed a great passion for this special symbiosis of lettering and illustration. His major fields include logo, branding and packaging design. Just like in old times, all of his works begin with pen and paper and get digitalized later to put the finishing touches.

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Photo by Jens Quasten

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VW Volkswagen, Edding, C&A Clockhouse,
Random House Publishing, Caritas International,
Ravensburger, Monster Children, Roland Foods LLC, Schee, Baltimore Magazine, Hook & Irons Co.
The Heritage Post


BBDO, Thjnk, Delasocial, Smartin,
demodern, Gooqx, Monster Children,
Dotmailer, Creativino, Workman Publishing, 
Naissance, CLY Communication GmbH

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New Retro – Graphics & Logos in Retro Style,
Lettering "Drawing Letters" – by Carolina Amell,
Lettering – Tips for Creation, 4-C Magazin